A Mother’s Tale
Written by
Zena-Rose Allen
Story by
Veronica Finnegan
Performed by
Zena-Rose Allen

A Mother’s Tale

This story follows the journey of one woman as she reflects on life in lockdown; life for her and for the other mothers she knows round the way. As we travel through the suffocation of restrictions and the heartbreak of missing loved ones, A MOTHER’S TALE discusses the ‘other’ pandemic – the one we cannot see.

Audio description – performed by Kayla Meikle
Story transcript

Oh God this lockdown is a pain
Its messing up my family
I’ve not seen my sister for 1 yr
Or my stepdad Stanley.

My kids are sometimes schooled at home
It’s much more work for me
They cannot seem to understand
They are no longer free.

No mothers friendly meet ups
In the cafe on the hill
No children’s get togethers
Of sleep overs or to chill.

We have to keep our distance all of the time
And if we don’t comply then it is a crime.
Tis a nightmare to be locked in a 2 bed 1st floor flat.
Never mind those on the 9th floor
With a couple of kids
Just imagine that.

It’s on the news both day and night
The numbers who have died
The stress it’s causing to our world
To those who have survived.

My mind is in a turmoil
As I try to come to terms
With the way we have to isolate
From People and from germs.
Wearing masks in public places
To protect our NHS
It really is soo weird now
And life is full of stress.
Jobs cancelled due to Covid
We must scrimp and struggle more.
To live in cramped conditions
Told not to cross the door.

The mental health of my neighbour is now in jeopardy
The stress of isolation is without liberty
All my friends are suffering
I wish I could help them all somehow.

There’s Ellie living on the End
Who just had a baby last weekend
That no one is able to him see
Until this virus ends she says
Whenever that shall be?

Then there Gina in the Flats in Town
Whose cracking up over this Lockdown
And thats not all as her Mom’s very ill
And scared this Covid,her will kill
As tears roll down her cheeks
Her future looks soo very bleak.

Food banks helping the poor in our land
Who before all this were doing grand.
Whilst others order new goods online.
Amazons happy as they’re doing fine.

I hope this vaccine changes it
As it’s nearly been a year
The restrictions we must follow
Fills our heads with fear.

Yet we must all plod on
As that’s what mothers do
And pray one day it all will end
Bring peace to me and you.

Then we’ll have one Party
To end the stress and strife
And try to build a better world
And a much better life.