A Song For My Daughter
Written by
Nessah Muthy
Story by
Siggi Mwasote
Performed by
Cat Simmons

A Song For My Daughter

Siggi’s power has always been her voice, but she can’t bring herself to sing anymore. They say there’s nothing like Mother’s Love, but her Daughter is fading out of her reach. A SONG FOR MY DAUGHTER follows a relationship strained, but always held together with love, as a Mother’s Daughter longs to come home.

Audio description – performed by Kayla Meikle
Story transcript

The sound/humming of a choir slowly rising.

I used to do loads of things…but I just talk about them now…
Choir in the shower…
Teacher?! I can barely reach ya… on a zoom.
‘Live Performance Workshop’

My boss met me on the street.
A laptop exchange. Incogneet.
Someone will phone you in the morning.
I say.
My guts soaring.

Early March Twenty Twenty.
My daughter has become the daughter of many.

Staying with her friends’ parents in a very nice crescent.

She hates my guts.
We drive each other fucking nuts.

I will do my upmost to keep my profanity inside my head.

23rd March.
No you can’t just pop down.
Your other mother is a nurse.
It’ too dangerous to disburse.

But will I ever see you again?

I write you every day…
A postcard just to say…

A month of hell.
And I fell.

Cried every hour.
Even singing was no longer a super power.

A furloughed mother.
Is like no other.


Then…one day…you called.
You wanna come home.
But I’m not sure…what for?

You’re happy aren’t you?
In your new hood.
A daily walk in the wood…
You say everything is all good…

I don’t want to be facetious.
It’s just my simple thesis.

I’m broken hearted.
But I don’t think that being departed means anything to you…

I wanna come home you say.
In that adamant way.
And I say…


A breath.

Let’s try…

In the Sun.

Your Mum.

The choir swells.



You scare me, you know
I don’t know who you are or how far you’ll go

I wish things could be the way they were before
My little girl…
Holding my hand
Dancing on the seashore

Dancing on the seashore…


Come dancing on the seashore…

I’ll take your hand in mine…
I know
You’re not a little girl…and that’s fine…

But just come dancing one last time…