An Ode To 2020
Written by
Mia Daliya Cunningham
Story by
Mia Daliya Cunningham
Performed by
Mia Daliya Cunningham

An Ode To 2020

AN ODE TO 2020 steps through the moments of the year that brought the world together while tearing it apart. It explores the force of change, growth and the longing for new beginnings.

Audio description – performed by Kayla Meikle
Story transcript

The magic we held was nothing short of a miracle.
Wrapped up in tissues and news paper clippings.
We longed for the moments where our hearts pumped out of our chests,
And our words lingered on stolen breathes.
As darkness loomed on our front door frames.
Like a full moon,
All encompassing and ethereal.
We held our own hands,
cuddled our thoughts.
We kissed the soil we once walked upon.
We clapped and cried and called out for change.
Distorting the barriers between fantasy and fact.
Dreams dripping in nightmarish features.
So beautiful to feel so close.
Yet the discomfort curled around every headline.
It repeated.
Rejoicing in motion.
My calm was clouded with chaos and catatonic stillness.
Every breath a realisation of life’s all encompassing intensity and divinity.
Goddesses and glory.
Godless and fury.
This life is only beginning,
And my celestial selfishness pushes me towards the sea.
Demanding we open our arms to far more than compassion.
Wishing we listened  to the beating of our own hearts.
Longing for today to be over.
Insisting tomorrow will be beautiful.
We are noticing our own eyelashes flutter in the wind.
Missing the sounds of our mothers laughter.
Learning to be human all over again.
This is our childhood.
Our moment relearn. reroot and regrow.
A blessing.
Gratitude can seem out of reach
Yet we hold it in our minds eye everyday.
This moment is captivating.
We are now listening.
We heard the universe.
She whispered to stop.
It felt like we fell but really we flew.