Hear Me
Written by
Nou Ra
Story by
Performed by
Nou Ra

Hear Me

Sometimes we have to fight to be heard, and even then it’s not enough. HEAR ME follows the story of one survivor who refuses to be silent anymore and instead chooses to fight – to fight her abuser, to fight for her freedom, to fight for her voice.

Audio description – performed by Kayla Meikle
Story transcript

You didn’t hear the howling wind,
The bells, the birds,
You heard nothing.
You didn’t hear me when I said I was violated in another man’s bed.
You accused me instead, tried to mess with my head,
Look where that led.
But we were just children, we were so young.
I was naive and you did me wrong.

You didn’t hear me x 3

I heard your lies.
I heard those bullets fly.
You took my place in the world and made it unsafe for a girl.
So I hope you’re pleased with yourself,
Spending your life terrorising someone else
Now that I’m on lock down back at home, it’s past time you leave me alone.
Stop spreading your lies amongst my friends, this bullshit has to end.

They didn’t hear me x 3

You are the broken one.
I put my pieces back together.
I have survived you,
The pathetic man that you are,
Your violence, lies and jealousy won’t get you very far.

I am patience, I will smile.
Your karma will come,
I’ll just wait a while.

And they will hear me X 3 (Background Vocal)