Miss Ruby’s “Easy Does It”
Written by
Malasula Peace
Story by
Malasula Peace
Performed by
Malasula Peace

Miss Ruby’s “Easy Does It”

Through boundaries and building strength, MISS RUBY’S “EASY DOES IT” explores a woman’s journey through self-healing, empowerment, and ultimately finding love.

Audio description – performed by Kayla Meikle
Story transcript

She started preparing for shortages in early lockdown,
just as she had done back in Guyana -as a child.
keeping things to be used- just in case.

The News didn’t agree with her,- too much drama and dying out there- she stayed in her bubble-quiet

it’s only morning I can tell she’s struggling- bad dreams, trauma,
What is it this time me darling ?
come sweetheart-here- sit and pray.

Ask away – ask God – – trust- Yes – me darling – u done so well
So have a little compassion

her contorted soul bore scars all the way down her outsides and in, the marks from the staples that held her skin together, danced like tribal scarring- she was proud of her War wounds.

,She is no longer the woman that ‘was’ with the melted ear and the wounded eye

,Take your Sacred Stones and you can bring your incense and candles–
and your journal ?
-Ah – u got a lil somethin pon ur mind

She created space for a loving presence to enter
there was no knowing what magic might occur , what mysteries revealed

Forces beyond,
Good Will, warmth and love entered her
warding off any stray bullets or arrows
pulling with a force of unimaginable clarity and power.

palpable, tangible ,wrapping her in protective arms ,

Plugged into source, she powers up, no longer flaccid in her victimhood.

Boundaries that protect and nourish formed, empowering her as she wore them.
Freeing her from the bondage of self

supplies never-ending,were available to her now.
Unlimited resources of love -nurtured and caressed her every move.

U prayed hard enuf
. And u listened long enuf
and now u can reap bountiful gifts. Just as they had promised
U are blessed.
U are one of the blessed ones

She sings, croaks at first but soon her voice gains ground,
tones gain strength and wisdom oozes through her melodies .
where was this all coming from?

Yes deary
“when u come in to right relations with the universe,
everything else falls into place!

And then- Oh what the sweet heavenly internet did bring to her, in these strange days
of covid.
And so their lockdown romance was born
all masked up,
in outdoor, socially distanced-”nowhere to go and shelter” kinda
places .
who would have thought this would have brought them so close together !
They were beginning to get to know each other better
and alongside the love bubble,
the unpacking of suitcases had begun
and to her surprise all kinds resided in the suitcases!

Now finding herself in a loving relationship,
she became quickly enticed by the deepening intimacy.
The allowing , the giving, the receiving and the taking.

She sipped him in- and he , her
Drinking thirsty,
drinking, filling up the lost years of drought.
Filling up for lost years

This balm ,this Potent love essence- that quells the soul, Infused with energies of love,
She weeps with the novelty of being cared for and loved

It wraps her in forces untouchable by hatred , resentments and envy.

She awoke from a dream wrapped in the arms of her lover
Replenished with love that had been denied her soul

Never had she encountered such mutuality of desire
Wanting , passion

The beating of hearts,and breath together

Like the tide , sometimes crashing and ravishing Sometimes tenderly lapping,
Whispering sweet nothings to the pebbles

Ah– u feel loved right about now
Just held and loved Yes sweetness
I feel u

Heart opening
Love deepening , deep wounds surfacing for healing,
Rising out of the depths of the unknown,
Love blossoming and deepening
Continuing to heal all wounds
The cruel paradox of love
And now adays

She seemed to like the mundane, the quiet ,calm,and easy

And now with all the lock downs ,
The world seemed to have a softer touch
A calmer tone, a quiet Hush,
At least in these parts , outside a town

This lockdown was finally bringing some ease to her life

How she enjoyed the bits of life that came her way now

“Easy does it ”
Easy – take it Easy me darling
How Love she loveable !
An now she can see her own beauty!
Shae was always lovable!
Now she got purpose.
All she have to do is mek a lil space in her life for This loving presence

She stood up
Beaming in her new loveliness
She was beginning to create a whole new scenario in her life

She would look back an say
“Now that was some life lovin !”